M. R. Riazi
AIChE Fellow
Professor and Chair of Chemical Engineering
Kuwait University
Innovative Solutions for Hydrocarbon Technology

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Examiner (acting as opponent) for Doctoral Thesis Defense in the following universities:

  1. -      Aalto University (Formerly Helsinki University of Technology), Finland
  2. -      University of Manchester (School of Chemical Engineering), Manchester, UK
  3. -      University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. (Department of Petroleum Engineering )
  4. -      Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway (Petroleum Engineering)
  5. -      University of Illinois at Chicago, U.S.A. (Department of Chemical Engineering)
  6. -      Indian Institute of Technology, India (Department of Chemical Engineering)



  1. -      Fellow of American Institute of Chemical Engineers – AIChE 
  2. -      Diploma of Honor from American Petroleum Association for Outstanding Services to the Petroleum Industry
  3. -      Kuwait University Outstanding Researcher Award (Received from former Amir of Kuwait)
  4. -      Kuwait University Teaching Award
  5. -      Medal of Honor from the American Biographical Center.
  6. -      Certificate of International Recognition on Chemical Engineering Education and Research from
  7. -      International Biographical Center (IBC), Cambridge, England.
  8. -      Listed in Mqrques Who's Who List since 1998.
  9. -      Listed in who's who in Science and Technology
  10. -      Distinguished Researcher Award from Sharif University of Technology
  11. -      Outstanding Student Award (First Student Honor of Graduating Class in Chemical Engineering) from Arya-Mehr University of Technology.



  1. -      Founding editor and Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology (IJOGCT), Inderscience (London, U.K.) 2007 - Present
  2. -      Associate Editor of Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering (Elsevier, Netherlands) 2004 - Present
  3. -      Founding Editorial Member of Journal of ASTM International (ASTM, Philadelphia, USA) 2004 - 2010
  4. -      Regional Editor of World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development  (WJSTSD) 2010 - Present
  5. -      Regional Editor of World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development  (WRSTSD) 2004-2009
  6. -      Associate Editor of Kuwait Journal of Science and Engineering (KJSE) 1998-2001
  7. -      Founding editor of International Journal of Science and Technology
  8. -      Guest Editor for a Special Issue of JPSE (Elsevier, Netherlands), Petroleum Exploration in the Middle East I (Vol 42, Issues 2-4, Pages 83-272, April 2004)
  9. -      Guest Editor of Special Issue of JPSE (Elsevier, Netherlands), Petroleum Exploration in the Middle East II (Vol 55, Issues 1-2, Pages 1-200, January 2007)
  10. -      Guest Editor of Special Issue of WRSTSD (U.K.), Future Business and Technology Part I – Engineering Management (Vol 4, Issues 2-3, Pages 105-285, 2007)
  11. -      Guest Editor of Special Issue of WREMSD (U.K.), Future Business and Technology Part II – Business Management (Vol 3, Issues 3-4, Pages 218-385, 2007)



Reviewing approximately some 70 manuscripts each year for the following journals:

  1. -      AIChE Journal (AIChE, New York, U.S.)
  2. -      Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering (Elsevier, Netherlands)
  3. -      Industrial and Engineering Research (ACS, U.S.)   
  4. -      Fluid Phase Equilibria (Elsevier, Netherlands)
  5. -      Chemical Engineering Journal (Elsevier, U.K.)
  6. -      Chemical Engineering Science (Elsevier, U.K.)
  7. -      ASTM Manuals (ASTM International, Philadelphia, U.S.)
  8. -      Journal of Environmental Technology (ACS, U.S.)
  9. -      Journal of Fuel and Energy (ACS, U.S.)
  10. -      Chemical Engineering Research and Design (IChEME, U.K.)
  11. -      Chemical Engineering Communications (Taylor & Francis, U.S.)
  12. -      International Journal of Modeling and Simulation (ACTA, Calgary, Canada)
  13. -      Energy Sources (Taylor & Francis, New York, U.S.) 
  14. -      Journal of Environmental Management (Elsevier, Netherlands)
  15. -      Fuel (Elsevier, U.K.)
  16. -      I Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology (Inderscience, U.K.)
  17. -      Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data (ACS, U.S.)
  18. -      International Journal of Global Energy Issues (Inderscience, UK)
  19. -      Petroleum Science and Technology (Taylor and Francis, U. S.)
  20. -      Journal of ASTM International (JAI, ASTM International, U.S.)
  21. -      Applied Thermal Engineering (Elsevier, Netherlands)
  22. -      Emirates Journal of Engineering Research (UAE University, UAE)
  23. -      International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Elsevier, Netherlands)
  24. -      EUROSIS Conferences and Proceedings (EUROSIS, Belgium)
  25. -      Colloid and Surfaces A (Elsevier, U.K.)
  26. -      Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (Elsevier, Netherlands)
  27. -      Member of Scientific Committee for Simultech Conference Series (http://www.simultech.org/)

Annual International Conferences on Simulation and Modeling Techniques

  1. -      External referee for evaluation of major research projects for the Government of Canada in Ottawa



  1. -      Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data (ACS, US)
  2. -      Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering (Elsevier, Netherlands).
  3. -      Distinguished Reviewer by the American Chemical Society for various ACS journals


  1. -        Reviewer and external referee for the promotion files at several universities worldwide including: Pennsylvania State University (University Park, Pa, USA)
  2. -        Invited reviewer for projects submitted to Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Ottawa, Canada
  3. -        Petroleum Research Fund of American Chemical Society (ACS, Washington, DC, USA)
  4. -        King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Saudi Arabia
  5. -        Kuwait University Research Administration, Kuwait
  6. -        Qatar Foundation, Qatar
  7. -        Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Petroleum Center, Kuwait
  8. -        UAE University, Al-Ein, UAE
  9. -        Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science (KFAS), Kuwait



  1. -        Scientific Research Society of North America (Sigma Xi) Since April, 17, 1979.
  2. -        American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Since January 15, 1983. Life Member
  3. -        American Chemical Society (ACS) - Past member
  4. -        Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) -  Past Member
  5. -        Founding Member of the Engineering Division at the Ir. Academy of Sciences: Past Member
  6. -        Canadian Society of Chemical Engineering – Past Member



Sole organizer for 6 seminars and hosted invited speakers from ExxonMobil (C. Tosonpolous of ExxonMobil) and five seminars with various speakers (John Grandia, Bill Worthy, Steve Alley and Dr. Dawlat El-Sayed) all from Fluor Corporation (www.fluor.com) during 2002-2007 period.



4th Global Petroleum Refining Forum,  Grand Hyaat Hotel, Qatar, September

15-17, 2014, Qatar. FlemingGulf Conference.



  Served as Chair or Member of the following committees:

  1. -        Present Chairman and the Head of Department of Chemical Engineering
  2. -        Director of Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering (Twice)
  3. -        Member of Chem. Eng. Promotion Committee
  4. -        Chair of Chem. Eng. Research Committee  (Twice)
  5. -        Chair of Chem. Eng. ABET Committee
  6. -        Chair of Chem. Eng. Academic Development Committee
  7. -        Coordinator for the Department Assessment Committee
  8. -        Member of Graduate Committee
  9. -        Member of Research Committee


Served in the following Committees for the College of Engineering:

  1. -        College of Engineering Council
  2. -        College of Engineering Chairmen Committee
  3. -        Research Committee
  4. -        ABET Committee
  5. -        Curriculum Development Committee
  6. -        Graduate Committee
  7. -        Library Committee
  8. -        Academic Development Committee
  9. -        Teaching Award Committee
  10. -        Research Award Committee
  11. -        Associate Editor of Kuwait Journal of Science and Engineering (1998-2001)
  12. -        Director for Conducting Professional Examination in Chemical Engineering in the State of Kuwait (2000-2006)


Chairing University Level Committee:

Served as Chair of Distinguished Researchers Award Committee for Kuwait University (For three Colleges: Engineering, Medicine, Sciences)